19ESA-NY#3 RockStock and Barrels Rockaway Beach Annual Festival

June 15, 2019

View Map   Beach 88 St at Shore Front Pkwy, Rockaway Beach, NY

Registration Closed

This contest runs in conjunction with the Annual RockStock & Barrels boardwalk festival.

Our permit dictates the contest surf zone will be from the jetty at Beach 88 St westward by 100 yards. This will be clearly marked and enforced.
Please be courteous to local surfers, fellow beach goers, and festival patrons.

Online application entry deadline: Tuesday 11:59pm before the event

Special instructions, including an official GO / NO GO will be posted online ESA NY between Thursday 9pm and Friday 9pm before the event.

An order of events ("schedule"), if available, will be posted online ESA NY between Thursday 9pm and Friday 9pm before the event as well. We do our best to run the contest based on the intended "order of events" but revisions may occur throughout the event.

Contests begin at 8am (unless posted otherwise) and will run all day until completed.

For questions please email ESA NY: [email protected]